Where do I apply to undertake a CIDESCO course?

Please apply directly with an accredited CIDESCO school of your choice. All accredited CIDESCO schools are listed on our website here

What are the requirements to enter into the CIDESCO Post Graduate (PG) examination?

At least three years of practical work experience as a Beauty Therapist is required to qualify to enter into the CIDESCO Post Graduate (PG) Beauty Therapy course. This includes a minimum 40-hour refresher course, writing a project of at least 4000 words followed by taking the CIDESCO Beauty Therapy MCQ theory and practical examination.

Where can I apply to undertake a CIDESCO Post Graduate (PG) course?

At any accredited CIDESCO school or CIDESCO National Section. The Section should be able to assist and if required to refer you to a school close to you.

Is the CIDESCO Beauty Therapy Diploma recognized internationally?

The CIDESCO Beauty Therapy Diploma is recognized within the Beauty Industry worldwide. In some countries a national diploma is also required to be able to work within that country. Please contact the local authorities for clarification.

What are the benefits of having a CIDESCO Beauty Therapy Diploma?

Holistic Beauty Therapy knowledge; Recognized in the Beauty Industry worldwide; Better job opportunities; CIDESCO Section Membership or affiliate Membership with CIDESCO International; CIDESCO World Congress; Continual learning offered by obtaining Spa, Electrical-Epilation, Aromatherapy, Management and Make-up Diplomas.

Is there a teaching Diploma offered by CIDESCO?

CIDESCO does not offer a teaching Diploma as yet.

Can the CIDESCO Diploma be transferred to another country?

Although it is industry-recognized worldwide, please contact the local authorities of the country you are transferring to.

Is CIDESCO offering online courses?

CIDESCO does not offer online courses at this point.

Where do I find the CIDESCO Diploma number?

The CIDESCO Diploma number can be found in the bottom left corner of the Diploma or on the Certificate of Examination. Since the mid 80’s the numbers consist of 7 figures, xxxxx.xx

Where do I apply for a copy of my CIDESCO Diploma?

Please send an email request including your name and Diploma number to diploma@cidesco.com

How do I get a course transcript?

Please send an email request including your name and Diploma number to diploma@cidesco.com

Who organizes the CIDESCO World Congresses?

The National CIDESCO Sections.

What are accepted places to do the requested 600 hours work experience?

Beauty Salons, Spas, Day Spas etc. The work experience will not be accepted if you work at make-up counters, perfumeries, at the reception desk, nail salons etc. It is important that you practice what you have learned in the CIDESCO Beauty Therapy course.

When can I start for the 600 hours work experience?

As soon as possible after a successful practical CIDESCO examination.

How many times can I re-take the CIDESCO Examination?

You are allowed two re-takes free of charge within two years after the 1st examination.

What kind of Diploma courses does CIDESCO offer?

CIDESCO offers the holistic Beauty Therapy course which is 1200 hours plus 600 hours practical work experience. Some CIDESCO schools offer a more than 2000-hour course where the 600 hours of work experience is incorporated. After a successful Beauty Therapy examination, we offer the Spa Diploma, Electrical Epilation Diploma, Aromatherapy Diploma, Beauty & Spa Management Diploma and Make-up.

How much does a CIDESCO course cost?

The fees vary from school to school and from country to country. Please contact an accredited CIDESCO school directly  here