CIDESCO Diploma in Spa Therapy


Aim of the course

To give candidates the required information to be able to efficiently and effectively work in Spas worldwide. The course is designed to give candidates the most comprehensive Spa Therapy knowledge and training.


This Spa Therapy course is a complete training which does not require the student to have any previous Beauty or Spa Therapy knowledge and as such has been identified as a complete standalone Spa Therapy education. It encompasses all areas of Spa Therapy enabling the graduate to safely and effectively gain employment within the world-wide Spa industry.


Candidates are required to have completed a course of at least 600 hours at a registered CIDESCO school, covering the Spa Therapy Training Syllabus. On completion of the course, candidates will undergo a practical and a theory examination conducted by the school.

There is no limit to the amount of students permitted to start the course. However, it should be understood that due to the complex nature of some Spa treatments, it would not be advisable to have more than 12 students participating in practical demonstrations. In such cases, it is recommended that the class be divided into a maximum of 12 students per group to ensure every student learns the correct information.

Work experience

200 hours of Spa experience is required after passing the practical examination to obtain the Diploma.


The examination for the Spa Therapy Diploma consists of a Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) paper and a practical exam.

Water Supply and Management Paper including Case Histories

Each candidate must submit a paper on Water Supply and Management consisting of 2500 words and 3 Case Histories comprising 4 treatments each.

Spa Facilities

It is understood that not all providers will have all the facilities needed for this course onsite at their premises. Although an advantage to have at least some, it is not compulsory. Use of equipment and facilities to teach the Spa Diploma may be outsourced to a local Spa that has agreed to allow access to the equipment for training and examinations. CIDESCO must receive all information on School’s Spa facilities and the facilities at where the training may be outsourced.