CIDESCO Diploma in Media Make-up


Aim of the course

To give candidates the required information and qualification to be able to efficiently and effectively work as professional theatre, media and fashion make-up artists in the world. The course is designed to give candidates the most comprehensive training in media make-up.


This Media Make-up course is a complete training programme which does not require the student to have any previous make-up knowledge.


Candidates are required to have completed a course of at least 700 hours at a registered CIDESCO Media Make-up school.

Work experience

100 hours of practical work experience in different disciplines required.This can be started during the course and completed before the examination.


The examination for the Media Make-up Diploma consists of three parts: a Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) paper, a practical examination including Mood/Story Board and a Portfolio.


Candidates are required to prepare a Portfolio which will assist them with finding work. The Portfolio should be relevant to the study of make-up, film, theatre and/or history. It must include two folders; the Professional Work Portfolio and the Supporting Evidence Folder. Passing the Portfolio is a pre-requisite to sit the CIDESCO Media Make-up examination.